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Identifying Potential Candidates

Search Campaign – We custom tailor every search campaign to our clients’ specifications. From skill set, education, and experience to personality traits, we will take the time to understand who you are looking for before we go out and find them.

Candidate Screening Process – Candidate meetings, reference checks, criminal history, drug screenings, technical interviews; are all tools which we employ to verify the that person we send to you is someone who will represent you well and provide value to your organization.

Interview Process – We are with you every step of the way through the hiring process. We will arrange phone meetings, in person interviews, video conferencing, and travel if needed.

Negotiations – A majority of the salary negotiations are performed up front, prior to the candidate being submitted for your opening, so you will know exactly what each candidate will cost to bring on-board prior to the interview process.

Hired! – Our relationship with our clients extends long past the on-boarding phase of the hiring process. We frequently check in to see how the candidate is doing as well as performing on the job. We also contact the candidate to hear their thoughts on how they feel the relationship is working for them.

Value – We will not waste your time. You will be provided with highly talented, highly skilled candidates who are interested in your opening and who will improve your team and organization. And we will provide this service for less than our competitors.